Dogs on Vacation

Here at Dog's Day Out we love to get visits from dogs who come from all around the country. We are eager to meet you and learn your story! For the pet parents on vacation who want to bring their canine companion to Dog's Day Out, here is some information about enrolling your dog(s) for a day here:


  • Safety is our highest priority here. Safety for your dog, other dogs staying with us, and the safety of our staff is critical for a healthy and fun environment. New dogs in our environment can take a little bit to integrate in our established daycare, so please be patient with us as we learn the most effective way to communicate and interact with your dog. We are eager to learn about your pet, so feel free to share as much information about your dog and their personality. The more we know the better we can place your dog in a group that will be both fun and safe.


  • We have a zero tolerance policy on dog aggression. For safety reasons, we do not board dogs who show ANY signs of aggression and/or do not have good canine communication skills, and dogs who don't get along with other dogs or people.


  • All dogs looking to attend daycare must pass a safety screening. A safety screening is the process of  introducing your pet to the other dogs at our facility in a slow and safe way. Typically, the screening takes up to thirty minutes, and we ask that pet parents stay for the entire process in case it does not work out. Please note that we book up fast, so we ask that you schedule a screening at the very least 1 week in advance to be sure we have availability to conduct a screening. The actual screening day should be scheduled at least a day before their anticipated first day of boarding with us, no same day screenings and stays.


  • Completed enrollment paperwork is required before your dog can board with us. You can find the paperwork here          on this printable download of our enrollment packet. In the packet we ask for contact information in case of emergency, and then we ask about your dog and their background. It also gives our policies and has a service agreement.


  • Dogs who wish to play at our facility must be spayed/neutered, be up to date rabies, D.A.L.P.P (distemper), Bordetella/kennel cough vaccinations, and a  must have a recent clean fecal test, in order to stay with us. We also recommend a flea and tick preventative.  A copy of their up to date vaccination certificate or invoice must be handed in with their enrollment packet.

If you have any questions please give us a call at (802)851-8034 or send us an email to